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  1. N-am descarcat datele lui notme81 dar Harta in sine nu difera, e versiunea 118E7AB In acest pachet sunt linkuri ptr pachete de update separate pe generatii de la 1 la 5 (5 fiind android)
  2. KIA/ Hyundai software + Maps update 2019 Gen1x to 5X Attached the new compatibility table of KIA models and their respective systems, as a novelty, what last year called iAVN (Android version) now renamed GEN5.0 I have separated the software update packages and maps so as not to make the download of the global update file so heavy for all the models. As always, the Gen1.x in the same package carry the software and maps update, and in the other models, they go separately. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EiqB9zYpv22ryVM1Z-iK43rcuWrQkq8Y
  3. Hyundai - Kia firmware and map update 2017 ( Kia_Gen1x) It's about the Kia_Gen1x_2017 update, see 2017_mapupdate_manual_kia_v1. Copy the contents of the Kia_Gen1x_2017 folder to the root of a usb stick. Format usb on fat 32 Insert the usb stick into the usb port of your (car) navigation system and the system will then you Show what the old and new versions are (see example navigation_screen.jpg), press "OK" and the Update start (about 90 minutes). After the update, you have system software version 7.7.4, bluetooth version 3.2.2 and card version 415E7AB use winrar v5.xx Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuvcicfvhjdpm27/Kia_Gen1x_2017.zip Nu opriti motorul in timpul update-ului (cca 90 min)
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