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  1. the price of my exhaust was about 469,00 EUR. I think it´s okay, cause you get much for your money. Also the exhaust with 2 pipes is not so expensive. i think its about 319,00 EUR. Also it was a fine contact with that company. Fast delivery and good service. I live near Konstanz, in south of Germany.
  2. Hi everybody ! I am one of the first members of Germany. i would like to get more contact with Getz drivers from your country. Also i would like to inform you about my exerpience: I was searching for an exhaust system more than one year. I wanted an exhaust with good look, good sound and high quality. No I found what i was looking for: The Getz exhaust system from Tokomoto. This exhaust is so perfect. So i bought the exhaust 2 weeks ago. The guys there were very nice and also the delivery time was short and costs were not so hugh. Now i am happy about my exháust. look at the photo. If there is anyone who need help with his Getz Tuning, you can contact me and i will try to help you.
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